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Almost 50% of millennials have a tattoo, and nearly 30% of all people in the U.S. have one. But according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, tattoo removal is on the rise. Other studies show that up to 25% of all people who get a tattoo later regret it. Luckily, with today’s advancements in skin care technology, tattoo removal procedures are safe and efficient. Dr. Kanayochukwu Anya in Fort Worth, Texas, offers quick, painless tattoo removal with minimal side effects. Schedule an appointment online or call Anya Bariatrics and Aesthetics to get started.

Tattoo Removal

How does tattoo removal work?

Most tattoo removal procedures involve lasers that remove the tattoo by breaking up the pigments with a high-intensity light beam. Dr. Anya uses the PicoSure® laser, which is a new type of laser approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012.

PicoSure, an aesthetic laser, doesn’t only rely on heat to melt away the pigments. Instead, it delivers energy in pulses so rapid that the pigments’ tiny particles vibrate and then shatter. This way, there’s no burning of the surrounding area. That means less tissue damage and discomfort.

Are certain tattoos easier to remove than others?

Yes. Some tattoos are easier to remove than others, depending on the age, size, and color of your tattoo. The color of your skin, as well as how deep the pigment goes, also affect how easily it’s removed.

PicoSure works well on even the most stubborn tattoos, including:

  • Multicolored tattoos, including blues and greens
  • Hard-to-remove black ink
  • Previously treated tattoos

How many tattoo removal treatments do I need?

In general, PicoSure takes fewer treatments to remove tattoos than traditional methods. For most modern tattoos, four to 10 treatments are common, with a recovery period of six to eight weeks between treatments. Dr. Anya can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Picosure Tattoo Removal 

At Anya Bariatrics Aesthetics we specialize in All Skin Types. Our State of the Art Equipment and techniques allow us to work on All Skin Types and we pride ourselves in offering every service to even darker skin tones. 

State of the art Tattoo Removal with PicoSure. We deliver laser energy that specifically targets tattoo ink, resulting in the successful shattering of just the ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue. Get rid of your unwanted tattoo in less treatments with PicoSure. 

What does tattoo removal feel like?

Patients describe PicoSure treatments as feeling like the snapping of a rubber band, or sometimes like the actual tattooing process.

PicoSure treatments are less painful than traditional tattoo removal procedures, but most patients still do experience some discomfort. If you do experience discomfort, Dr. Anya offers numbing cream or other medications to help lessen the pain.

As for how long the PicoSure procedure takes, it depends on the size of the area, but 10 minutes is common for average-sized tattoo removal treatments.

If you’ve got some ink that you’re thinking of getting removed, Dr. Anya can answer all of your questions and lay out a customized treatment plan. Get started today by calling the office or booking an appointment online.